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AI is NOW! (Ha Noi)

22 мая 2019 14:00

Over the last few years, countries all over the world have entered the race to develop artificial intelligence with 20 countries in the EU releasing their strategies on AI development in both R&D and education. Our neighbor country, China, is overtaking the U.S. as the leader in AI with more than $30 billion USD invested yearly into this field. And many other developed countries have budgeted billions of dollars towards AI strategies with the ambition to lead the world in AI development.

We can all see that artificial intelligence is red hot. But what lies beyond the hype? And how can Vietnam step onto the world stage to conquer AI technology?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and Vietnam is committed to leveraging this new techno-economic paradigm to deliver major changes across sectors using advanced technology. Vietnam is ready to compete with its Asian counterparts to emerge as an AI leader in Southeast Asia. Very soon there will be many opportunities for talented developers, corporations and startups in Vietnam to participate in creating an AI-friendly ecosystem.

Please join McKinsey, Kambria, and our Knowledge Partners at our upcoming Info Seminars to learn more about the impact of AI in the world and how Vietnam can best leverage this world trend. Vietnamese AI talent and corporates from VietAI and the Vietnam Innovation Network will share the current landscape of the local AI ecosystem, as well as, discuss the breadth of support for Vietnam’s future AI movement. Finally, we will introduce the Vietnam AI Grand Challenge 2019, a new government-backed initiative that offers developers a unique opportunity to win up to $50,000 in total prizes. The Grand Challenge is organized by Kambria in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam.

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