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The Diamond Blow

10 мая 2019 21:00

The Diamond Blow (aka Abraham Kenny) - AU
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The Diamond Blow is the pseudonym of Australian artist Abraham Kenny who for the past decade has been active in the underground scenes of the Baltic States and Russia. Living in Tallinn's abandoned Soviet era city hall, he tours frequently and has established a loyal fan base from Siberia to Transylvania and many places in between.


Algis Fediajevas - LT

Algis Fediajevas is one of the most active touring underground musicians in Lithuania who is firstly known as an acoustic guitarist and singer-songwriter. His music is based on dialogues between free-floating guitar and vocal.(ramblings from East to the West, from harmony to chaos, from clearness to mist.)


Dan Raza - UK
Dan Raza is one of the mainstays on the London singer-songwriter and folk roots scene. His distinctive approach won him a following across the UK and abroad as he has taken his songs on the road performing solo and opening for another artists.
“The real deal” – Huey Morgan, BBC Radio 2; “Packed to the gills with truly great songs” – a writer who has matured into one of his country’s finest”.

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